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Walker crafts stories via writing, drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, architecture, and urbanism.  He does so through his art practice as well as through developing communications, branding, marketing, and business development strategies for boutique firms.

After graduating from the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, he earned a Bachelor of Architecture from Cornell University under the supervision of Dean Mohsen Mostafavi.  He has worked for Atelier Seraji in Paris, Nagle Hartray in Chicago, and directly for Bill Pedersen and Jill Lerner at Kohn, Pedersen, and Fox in New York.  During this period, Walker was commissioned to design private residences in Venezuela, Chicago, and the US Virgin Islands along with the interiors of homes in New York and Chicago.  

Walker earned a Master of Fine Art from the School of The Art Institute of Chicago with a focus in Film, Video, and New Media and since graduating has worked as an independent artist, freelance still and moving photographer, director, editor, designer, and experience producer.  Walker has shown his work at galleries in Chicago, New York, Ithaca, San Francisco, Rome, and Berlin.  His work probes the nature of the city through images, films, paintings, sculptures, and writing in order to explore how we inhabit cities and if an alternative might exist to their present configuration. His interest in culture has also led him to found a series of companies whose focus ranges from presenting artwork to design, urbanism, real estate investment, and creating new digital platforms.

Walker is also the Director of External and Public Affairs as well as Business Development for FGP Atelier - an architecture firm founded by Francisco Gonzalez Pulido in the Fall of 2017.  In addition to pursuing new business, Walker directs the creation of new proposals and contracts, competitions, marketing, PR, exhibitions, publications, lectures, HR, and educational efforts.  The Atelier recently completed a 20,000 seat baseball stadium in Mexico City and the Land Rover Regional Offices Shanghai (85,000 M2 office and retail complex).  We are currently working on a 320 M Tall tower under construction in Guangzhou, a 5,000,000 M SQFT financial center under construction in Shanghai, a 240,000 M2 mixed used development under construction in Shenzhen, a 400 M Tower in Nanjing, a mixed used development in Shanghai among other projects, and the Felipe Angeles Airport at Santa Lucia that will serve Mexico City and 24 million passengers in the first phase and 85 million in the ultimate phase.

He recently completed a new book titled Reframing American Culture: Towards a User-Owned Network & Exchange and is currently exploring how its conclusion might be implemented.

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